...Just like Grandma's

A Unique All-Suite Country Retreat.

Please feel free to call and get your reservation early. We hate to turn folks away!

We appreciate your business and friendship, and hope you're having a wonderful year! God bless. --Shelley

Welcome to the country...


At Berry Creek Pet Resort we are dedicated to the safety and comfort of your best friend, whether it is for a day, a week or longer. Situated just outside of Georgetown on 23 acres along a beautiful stretch of Berry Creek, we offer a special mixture of luxury accommodations and country air.

We focus on small scale intimate service. Instead of having cages and small wire kennels, we give our dogs individual inside rooms with access to outside "patios". No chain link anywhere, and dogs can's see each other unless we bring them together intentionally in our inside or outside play areas, if that's what their owners would like. Because of this intimacy we can only accept a small number of reservations.

A typical suite is a beautiful 8'x8' inside room in a heated and air-conditioned cottage with an attached completely covered and enclosed private 8'x10' patio room adjoining. That is an 8'x18' room that is completely isolated from other guests. We offer soothing music and TVs for our guests when we're not walking or playing with them.

We also provide plenty of exercise and playtimes. We have over a half mile of walking paths carved out of the original deer trails that wind through a large private park like area along the creek, surrounded by groves of Pecan, Walnut, and Oak trees. All here for your pet to enjoy. We don't want you to worry that your pet is cooped up and not having fun. So we keep a diary on all the fun your friend is having and can send you updates whenever you ask. Take a look at a typical day for your pet.

As owners of several pets ourselves, we know that each animal is a special part of your family and how important it is that they are pampered while away from home. That is why we chose this location, and to live onsite, so your baby is never alone.

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